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Training in the Heat! 4 x 2km, OUCH!

Training with the running club was extremely difficult due to the the high temperatures and humidity currently enveloping Quebec City. Although, it’s not as bad as the 40 degree weather a little further East, it’s still extremely difficult to train. Today at 1800, we were looking at 29 degrees Celsius with 70% humidity. Not fun when combined with a high volume week and tough intervals this evening.

Today, for us 21.1k and marathon runners, was 4 to 5 times 2km with a 3 min break between each repetition. Let me tell you, after my 20 min warm up I was done. My whole body was drenched in sweat and I was definitely not feeling up for it. However, I had the full intention of pushing out 5 reps even though my brain was telling me it wasn’t such a good idea and my body even more so.

First rep went fairly well at around 7:25 for 2km. Second rep was more of the same but my body was starting to shutdown. Normally a 3 min break is enough to get my body relaxed again and ready for the next rep but in this heat I was barely able to slow my breathing down, let alone reset for the next one. Third rep, yeah, now the pain train begins. I struggle to keep the speed going and am forced to slow down. I could feel the bubble of hot air around me which just wouldn’t go away. I end up running 7:50 (25 seconds slower) and slower than my prescribed pace for the training. At that moment, I convince myself training is over and I’m not doing a fourth. But after 3 min pass and I decide to do a slow fourth only because my water bottle is at the end of the 2k. Another 7:50 2k and my training is over. I couldn’t find it within me to push out a fifth as prescribed. My body was completely destroyed. Terry, one of the guys I run with, takes off for a fifth rep and my pride goes with him. “Next time”, I tell myself, today is just not a good day to train.

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