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Chris’ Rules for Life

I always seem to get a lot of people asking me how I manage to do everything that I do. Intrinsically, I believe I’ve been doing things a certain way for about the last 10 years. This is actually the very first time I actually tried to put it all together so I could share it with you. What I came up with I’m calling “Chris’ Rules for Life” and is what I truly believe in. It’s how I live my life and what drives me towards my dreams.

Chris’ Rules for Life (in no particular order):

1. If it’s been done before, you can do it too.

When you hear someone do something challenging or amazing (completing the Ironman for example), what is stopping you from doing it too? Nothing. We are all human beings and so we can all do it.

2. Not having time is not an excuse.

You can always find time to get done what you want to get done. Become more efficient, prioritize, and cut some lazy time out of your day.

3. Become an expert at making time.

Completely related to the last point: make time. There is always a way to make more time for yourself. Sometimes I train/run at midnight to get my exercise in for the day. It’s just how it has to be.

4. There is never a good time for anything.

Don’t wait for the “perfect timing” for anything. It doesn’t exist. All you can do is take action immediately and deal with consequences or challenges that come out of it. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

5. Fitness is the basis for everything.

Being physically fit helps in every aspect of life. It allows you to work longer and harder, both mentally and physically in anything that you do. And of course, it has major health benefits. Would you rather exercise for an hour a day or be dead for 24 hours a day?

6. Live life now, not later.

Don’t be 100% chained to work/school or obligations that don’t enhance your personal dreams.Find the proper work-life balance. Don’t hunker down and isolate yourself to your work/school thinking you will live your life once whatever you are currently doing is finished. Once you get there you’re going to find that life just got more difficult, as you have seemingly less time and more responsibilities. Live now.

7. Challenge yourself.

Get out of what you’re comfortable with and try new things all the time. If it scares you, do it.

8. Maximize each and everyday.

Don’t waste your day. If you aren’t satisfied with what you’ve done at the end of the day, do a little bit extra before you go to bed.

9. Always fit friends and family into your schedule.

Friends and family are important. Make time for them.

10. When things get tough, don’t forget that time continues and everything comes to an end.

Stressing over deadlines is not going to make it better. Put the time in, get the work done, and you’ll finish.

11. Create Opportunity.

Don’t wait for something to come along and fall into your lap. It’s not going to happen. Actively shape your environment in order to generate opportunity for yourself.

12. Never give up.

Until every avenue is exhausted or your body breaks down completely, it’s not over.

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