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Dare7Summits was born out of a passion to do more, cherish each and every day, and live life how it's supposed to be lived.

Chris Dare
Adventurer – Athlete - Military Officer – Leader - Role Model

Chris is a motivated, exceptional individual who is attempting to accomplish a dream that less than 10 Canadians and 300 worldwide have achieved - the 7 summits.  The 7 summits are the highest mountains on each of the 7 continents.  To date, Chris has completed 6 of the 7: Vinson (Antarctica), Aconcagua (South America), Carstensz Pyramid (Oceania), Denali (North America), Elbrus (Europe) & Kilimanjaro (Africa).  All that remains is Mount Everest (Asia).  The journey towards the 7 summits serves not only as a personal challenge but as an inspiration to others in the pursuit of higher achievement.

An avid and lifelong learner, Chris has a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) from the University of British Columbia and is currently a Dentist with the Canadian Armed Forces.  He also holds a Bachelor in Computer Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and was a top engineer at his school, competing at a number of engineering competitions.  In his graduating year, he achieved first place at an IEEE engineering competition.    

An accomplished Canadian Forces Army Officer, Captain Chris Dare led soldiers both during domestic and overseas operations and received a number of accolades including a Land Force Quebec Commander’s Commendation as well as a Chief of Defense Staff Commendation for his work during a 10 month deployment to Afghanistan.

Chris has also received wide ranging recognition for his activities.  The Vancouver Chinatown New Century Lions Club awarded Chris the Medal of Merit for outstanding achievement and service to his country and community.  He has been featured in publications including the Sing Tao, the Ubyssey, Impressions Magazine and the eVeritas. Chris has also had the opportunity to participate in a TEDx event at UBC, delivering a motivational speech to over 400 people.

An outstanding athlete, Chris is an advocate of “Train hard, fight easy”.  While specializing in long distance running, he has had success in a number of different disciplines.  Most competitions will see Chris finish in the top 1% or better of all participants.


 Some highlights include:

  • 2013 10k Run for Rural Medicine – 1st Place

  • 2012 BMO Half Marathon – 20th of 8,364 participants

  • 2012 Vancouver Sun Run – 92nd of 45,730 participants

  • 2012 Dirty Duo 25km Trail Race – 1st Place

  • 2011 Army Run – 9th Place

  • 2008 Canadian Forces Running Championship 21.1km – 2nd Place

  • 2007 Canadian Forces Running Championship 21.1km – 2nd Place


A number of other specialized activities and certifications complete Chris’ well rounded experience.  These include:

  • PADI Open Water Scuba/Speciality Instructor

  • Emergency First Response First Aid Instructor

  • Diver’s Alert Network Instructor

  • Outdoors Survival Instructor

  • Avalanche Safety Training Level 1 qualified

  • CSPA solo certified skydiver

  • Glider pilot (former)


Chris is passionate about everything he does, be it academics, career or athletics. But most of all, he cares deeply about his friends, family and community and wishes to inspire others to achieve their goals. He dreams big, and hopes you will consider supporting him on his next great adventure.

“Is this guy even human?" 

- TedxTerryTalks participant

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