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That’s 5 of 7 summits completed!!!

It’s done!!! On 26 July 2013, I reached the summit of the Carstensz Pyramid, the highest point in Oceania at 4884m. That makes 5 of the 7 summits completed with only Mt Vinson (Antarctica) and Everest to go.

After a grueling 8 day trek through dense and muddy jungle to reach base camp, we made a 15 hour summit attack that ended in success for all 7 climbers. With the combined trek out, it took a totally of 15 days of pure mental grit living in a muddy tent without showers, warmth or really anything.

It was a mentally and physically draining expedition that involved endless hours upon hours of the most difficult trekking in the world, blockades from native tribes, an army escort, a porter rebellion and the only summit ridge that scared the daylights out of me thus far. It was really something.

I’m really glad to have gotten up and down safely.

Thanks to everyone who took an interest in following my adventure. Other pics will follow in the near future.

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