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Join the Cult: The Awesomely Awesome Magic Bullet

So here I am writing about a kitchen gadget. While it’s not an adventurous type of activity, keeping your body fueled is just one part of the equation. I’m usually not one to buy into fancy “as seen on TV” products but after picking up the popular Magic Bulletmini blender I was quickly turned and started preaching the bullet gospel. Essentially, the Magic Bullet is a small counter-top blender that does what you expect it to do, blend. And blend it does!

What am I blending? For the past month or so I’ve been using it almost exclusively for smoothies. The bullet just makes it so incredibly easy for me to make one before running out door for morning classes. I just chuck all my ingredients in the cup, twist the container onto the bullet base and less then a minute later I’ve got my tasty fruit puree. Quickly rinse off the blades, then throw a lid onto the mixing cup and I’m out the door. Easy breezy.

That’s the real advantage the bullet has over a conventional blender. It takes all the potentially more time-consuming steps out of the picture. No more separate mixing containers (yeah, those huge glass things). No more holding onto the top of the blender when mixing to prevent it from splattering everywhere. No more transferring to a separate drinking container. Nothing! It’s such a streamlined system I can’t even think of why I wouldn’t take the 45 seconds to make a smoothie in the morning.

If you’re thinking about picking one up, the best value going for the Bullet is the 25 piece set at Costco (Canada, in-store) for about $50. There are a number of different configurations available at different price points all over the place but that set definitely gets you the most stuff for the least amount of hard-earned dollars.

I fully recommend the Magic Bullet for your smoothie needs. Although it supposedly does a lot more than just smoothies (which is obviously a good thing) if smoothies were the only thing it did I would still buy it. Join the cult, spread the word, and smoothie it up.

What’s in my typical smoothie?

- Frozen fruits (strawberry, mango, blueberries, honey dew, cantaloupe, peaches, grapes, sometimes mixed field berries)

- Cranberry juice

- Yogurt

- Protein powder (~20g if after a workout)

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