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The Night Diving Experience

A couple weeks back I got the opportunity to improve my scuba skills as I undertook the PADI Advanced Diver Course. One of the qualifications I picked up among many others was the ability to “Night Dive”. It’s exactly as it sounds, diving in the cold dark of night. While seemingly scary and dangerous, I’ve found it extremely exciting and breathes new life into my local dive spots.

So, what’s night diving like? Imagine standing in a pitch dark room with a flashlight in your hand. The only thing you can see is what your beam of light is pointed at. The objects and corners of the room cast shadows and hide whatever is lurking around. Now add water.

The video below is a night dive Peter and I did at Porteau Cove. We dove the wreck of the Granthall, an old fishing boat. The boat provides sanctuary for a ton of life and is a fun dive, both during the day and at night. Although it is a fair surface swim to get out there, the wreck itself is a sight to see.

What can I say? Night diving is one of the best diving experiences I’ve had thus far and it can only get better from here.

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