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Jumping from a Perfectly Good Bridge: Bungee Jumping

What better way to end 2011 than Bungee Jumping at Whistler Bungee in beautiful British Columbia? After a long and tiring exam period with UBC Dentistry, it was time for something fun. I was fortunate enough that Dennis wanted to jump as well. Props to him, he’s actually terrified of heights!

What’s jumping from a 53m bridge like? It’s pretty nerve racking to say the least. Even as a skydiver, the initial jump from a high ledge takes some brain rewiring to tell yourself that it’ll be ok. After a quick 5 second countdown I jumped and started my dive towards the river. Once in the air, I got a couple seconds of high speed free fall before hitting end of the cord and getting thrown back into the air (you don’t that part skydiving!). After hanging there, upside down for another 30 seconds, I was hauled back up and it was over just as quick as it started.

Overall, it was a fun experience even though it was short. It’s a good go for those that are looking for adventure but I’d actually recommend making the full transition to skydiving to get a better bang for your buck. The much longer free fall and subsequent glide under canopy is hard to beat.

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