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Here Comes the Pain Train: Training with Insanity

People laugh when I say we’re going to setup my laptop and do an aerobic exercise video but let me tell you, they definitely aren’t laughing at the end. I like to throw a little “Insanity” into my training every so often to mix things up, work new muscles and keep things interesting. What is insanity you ask? Check out the video below! It’s pretty much jumping for 40 – 60 minutes depending on what video you pick. Not an easy task, even for me!

Insanity is at home interval training (without weights or special equipment) made by the same company as P90x. Think lots of jump squats, burpies, pushups and everything in between with little to no break. I guarantee these videos will absolutely destroy you the first time around, so don’t feel bad about not going as fast as the people in the video. Most videos are approximately 40 min but there are a couple more advanced ones that are 60 min long. It’s made to be a 2 month fitness program, complete with a nutrition guide and some other stuff. However, I only use the workout videos by themselves and maybe a couple times a month just to keep my body doing different stuff.

Everyone I introduce these videos to absolutely loves them as they really challenge the body and the on screen coach, Shawn T, is extremely motivating. Back with my old military unit I even used them on a projector and big speakers to train over 50 soldiers at the same time. I can’t comment on the the results as a dedicated program (the full 60 days + nutrition program) but as a change from the norm of going for runs and lifting weights it’s great.

I fully recommend checking these out as a supplement to your training regime. You owe it to yourself to try at least one workout.

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