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Artificial Fire: A look at the MSR Dragonfly Camp Stove

Whatever the activity, nothing is better than coming back to camp to a nice hot meal. Therefore, it’s absolutely paramount to have a trusty camp stove tucked away somewhere to get the job done. Today, I’ll be showing you my favorite camping stove, the MSR Dragonfly.

This stove is awesome and has great characteristics. Weighing in at a mere 400g (stove + aluminum windscreen & base) and with the ability to fold up to about a 3rd of its size, it won’t add any bulk to your pack. While unfolded, it provides a nice wide base for large pots and it sits very stable. This is also a multi-fuel stove, meaning that it can burn not only White Gas it will also burn Kerosene and Diesel making this the go-to-stove in any part of the world. It also has a self cleaning shake mechanism to clean out debris that might accumulate but I have never had a clog so I’ve haven’t had to test that feature out yet.

The best part of this stove is obviously the flame and its excellent flame control. You can easily go from simmer to boil and maintain anything in-between without difficultly. This is a feature not always present or efficient on other stoves, enabling you to cook anything, any which way you want while in the woods. Definitely a big plus. On full, this stove will boil 1 L of water in about 4 minutes. It’s really hot!

As far as cost, it’s a little on the more expensive end of similar camping stoves using white gas but the Dragonfly really is worth it. It’s simmer function, flame and multi-fuel capability is well worth the expense. At MEC, you’re find it for $118.

So, if you’re looking for a camping stove, this is the one to get.

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