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Can’t beat a classic – After run BLTs

After my first long distance run since my half marathon race in Ottawa at the end of May it was time for a tasty after run treat.

I ran a brisk 24 km along the St Lawrence this morning under cloudy but humid conditions. Found it kinda tough and probably more difficult than usual as I hadn’t done a long distance for almost a month. Needless to say, I was pretty spent by the time I got home. I quickly downed a protein shake and hunched over my dining room table in pure exhaustion for about 30 min. Afterwards, I finally gathered some energy together and prepared some BLTs for myself as well as my parents and grandma who are in town for a visit.

There’s a reason why the classic Bacon Lettuce Tomato has withstood the test of time. It’s AWESOME! I prepared my classic BLT on toasted 9 grain bread, salty bacon, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and topped it off with mayo. I realize this isn’t a culinary masterpiece like what my sister usually does but it does the job and is extremely tasty. You know it’s good when all you can think about when eating is making another. This is definitely what was going through my mind. Mmmmmm. What a great after training snack!

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