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Food Journal of a Road Warrior

So, as some of you may know, I’m driving westward across Canada and the US from Quebec City to Vancouver to start my life as a student at the University of British Columbia . Thus far, I’ve been on the road for 7 days and been eating HORRIBLY!

Eager to push forward to my next stop, I’ve been usually skipping breakfast, grabbing fast food to eat in the car while driving at lunch, then more fast food for dinner. The justification for skipping breakfast is easy. I gotta get on the road now! Eating in the car for lunch makes sense as I don’t want to waste time. And dinner… Well, I’m kinda not very motivated to have a sit down dinner as a party of 1. Throughout my fast food adventures, it’s become increasing more clear to me how easy it is to get fat off this stuff.

No it’s not the burgers and fries per say. It’s the drinks! They are humongous! The medium size at Wendy’s is like the size of a Super Big Gulp at 7-Eleven for goodness sakes! Just lay off the pop you say? That’s exactly what I’ve been doing but the alternatives are just as bad. Why is my “Hi-C iced tea” radioactive red and tastes more sugary than a cup full of cherry blasters?!?!! Ugh. Thank goodness I’ve been running or lifting weights almost everyday or I’d be a diabetic by next week.

Yesterday, I decided I had enough. I stopped by Walmart and picked up some strawberries and a fruit salad that I ate in my hotel room. Although it was twice as expensive as some of my previous meals, it was well worth it. Can I keep that up till I arrive in Vancouver on Monday? Probably not because:

1) I want to complete my driving days as fast as possible; and

2) Arby’s is just too good.

I have been trying my best to not mow down candy as I usually do when on a road trip though. Instead of eating sour keys and gummy bears throughout, I’ve been eating dried mango (awesome), dried blueberries (sounds good but isn’t) and fruit source bars. I do have a bag of wine gums but I stash that in the trunk so I don’t have easy access while driving. For liquids, I’ve been pretty good. I’ve gone through almost than entire flat of V8, tons of lightly flavoured water and now I’ve stocked up on juice. Not bad on that front. Also, you might notice the Powerade there which is terrible stuff as it really is just sugar water. I only drink that after my workouts for the sugar boost more than anything else.

So that’s about it. I’m definitely looking forward to some real food when I finally get to Vancouver. Probably some good old sushi or a bowl of chinese noodles. Mmmmm.

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