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Modern Icing: Quick, Easy & Effective

A proven, effective treatment and recovery technique, icing is a vital part of any athlete’s toolbox. Although the traditional methods (ice in a bag for example) are still being used, the method I’m going to show you is both the easiest to prepare and use as well as the most effective.

To prepare your modern ice pack, all you need to do is fill a Styrofoam or paper cup with water and place it into the freezer. You’re done!

Once needed, simply peel back enough of the rim of the cup to expose the ice then apply the ice directly to your skin. Keep the ice moving and use the ice to gently massage the area.

This is an improvement over the traditional bag of ice method for a variety of reasons:

1. The melting ice will quickly form a thin sheet of water on your skin that will stay evenly at a frosty near zero degrees Celsius, giving you consistent icing, versus a bag which could form warmer and colder spots;

2. The ice itself will curve and form to your body ensuring even coverage as your slide it across the affected area; and

3. There is less risk of frostbite as you are constantly moving and and surveying the ice, thereby preventing super cold spots. ** Don’t ice more than 15-20 min or you’ll be risking frostbite nonetheless. **

So what are you waiting for? Put a couple cups into your freezer today and you’ll be ready to ice easily and effectively at a moments notice.

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