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17:57 5k

Just finished a 5k race at Laval University. It was a interesting sort of event as instead of the first that arrives is the winner it’s a prediction race. That means at start you guess what your time will be then the person with the finishing time that is closest to their prediction wins. I guessed 17:50, thinking I was being conservative but I ended up breaking myself after about 3k and after that it was really a rough time. Mentally, I don’t think I was in race mode as I couldn’t conjure up the energy to keep my pace going nor kick it at the end. Still 17:57 isn’t a bad time, but I’m just not completely happy with my performance. Average pace from that is 3:35/km. Again, pretty fast but I expected better. Especially in a race situation.

Next up is a 10k race mid-may. I’m going to use it as a gauge for the Canadian Forces National Championships during the last week in May.

Oh yeah, and the Dare 7 Summits logo is done. You can check it out by going to (not /blog) It took me about a week from concept to actually creating the thing. I’m not a graphic artist or anything but I’m pretty good at Photoshop. Next step is to try to make it a vector drawing instead of a raster. If you know what I’m talking about here, I need your help. If not, just enjoy the logo. I’d appreciate comments if any as well. Thanks.

Also, special thanks to my sis Elaine who suggested the current catch phrase: Dare to Dream – Dream to Persevere – Persevere to Succeed. It definitely flows nicely.

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