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Long run today. No big deal… ;)

So I’m currently training for a half marathon in May in Ottawa. It’s the Canadian Forces national running championships and I typically do pretty well. The two years that I competed (2007 and 2008), I placed second. I didn’t get to do 2009 or 2010 because of the work up training for and the actual tour to Afghanistan. I’m hoping 2011 is going to be my year but the competition is pretty stiff. Charles Nadeau, the current Canadian Forces running Wonder boy, is amazing and can thoroughly kick my a**.

Anyways, today was a 1 hr 50 min run at 70%, so sort of relaxed. I managed to push out 25k with a headwind running along the St. Lawrence river. Not bad but I’m pretty beat. Happy to have finished though and definitely enjoying my 24 hr rest until tomorrow.

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