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Skydiving: Back in the Game

After another skydiving hiatus, I’m back. I spent the day with Skydive Vancouver and got back up to speed in the world of skydiving. I did 3 jumps from 10,000 feet. I hadn’t jumped since 2009 so I was a little rusty and jumped with a coach for the first one. Now I’m sitting at 21 jumps and 4 jumps away from upgrading to an A license. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get out and finish it this summer.

Took me a couple seconds to figure out my legs again so you’ll see me do some flutter kicks at the beginning of the video. Couple of practice pulls and turns. Jumped from 10,000 feet and pulled at 5000. After I pull, you can watch Scott’s perspective as he lands under canopy.

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